What is Sewer Lateral Connection Lining?

Sewer lateral connection repair with TopHat pipe lining is a cost-effective process of rehabilitating city sewer-to-house lateral connections. The liner is shaped like a literal top hat and, when installed, results in a leak proof connection.  Our sewer lateral connection lining process saves property owners 30-40% on the cost of repairing the city-to-house lateral joint.  This lateral sewer connection joint/sewer saddle is notorious for allowing infiltration and tree roots to grow inside, causing damage and expense for the utility department and property owners. Contact Sewer Pros today to learn about this cost-saving lateral connection repair method.

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sewer saddle repair top hat lining


  • No Digging up Streets and Yards

  • Cost-Effective
  • Fast Repairs
  • Seals Gaps and Prevents Tree Roots

  • Eliminates Infiltration at Connection

  • Long Lasting Repairs


trenchless pipe lining

Step 1: Cleaning

Before installing a TopHat liner for your main-to-lateral connection repair, the area must be cleaned thoroughly and cleared of debris and tree roots.

Step 2: Preparing the TopHat

Next, the TopHat liner is wet-out, or saturated, with a two part epoxy and secured onto the T-shaped robotic packer equipment.

Step 3: Installation and Curing

The packer with the TopHat liner secured is launched into the main line and positioned at the compromised lateral connection. The robotic packer then expands and positions the TopHat liner firmly in place in the connection. The liner is left to cure in place, the packer is removed, and the repair is complete. The result is a structural, seamless, and leak proof main-to-lateral connection.

When is Top Hat Lining the Preferred Solution for Lateral Connection Repair?

Repairing a city sewer-to-house lateral connection with our TopHat lining system is typically a very cost-effective repair option when the city has requested you to make the repair. You avoid the time, mess, and expense of tearing up your yard, the sidewalk, and potentially damaging the street to replace the connection.


We guarantee all of our TopHat liner repairs for a minimum of 1 year (or more depending on the condition of the host pipe. We welcome the opportunity to show you the benefits of using our TopHat lining system to repair your main-to-lateral connection. Contact us today to get started.