Long Beach Pipe Lining Contractor

Sewer Pros. performs pipe lining and sewer repair and replacement in Long Beach, California. If you have aging cast-iron, clay, or PVC pipes that are starting to deteriorate, sooner or later they will spring leaks or develop blockages. These are expensive to fix. Fortunately, there’s a solution. It’s a trenchless technology called ‘pipe lining’ and it’s not only cost-effective but can be done without digging up your floors or tearing down your walls. Contact us to find out how pipe lining can fix your pipes and save you 30-40%!

Long Beach Pipe Lining Contractor: Sewer Pros

Sewer Pros has been serving the Long Beach, California area as a pipe lining and sewer repair and replacement contractor since 2006. We are licensed, insured and do pipe bursting, sewer replacement, Repipe spray lining, and structural pipe lining. If you haven’t heard of pipe lining, you’re not alone. It’s a fairly new technology first developed in Europe that allows you to fix your damaged pipes without digging up your property. We’d love to show you how pipe lining can easily fix your bad drainage pipes and save you 30-40%.

What is Pipe Lining? About the process

Pipe lining is a fairly new technique for fixing bad drainage pipes and involves using a special epoxy to create a new pipe inside your old, damaged pipe. The life-use expectancy of the new pipe-within-a-pipe is 50 years, or double the life-use expectancy of cast iron pipes. The process is completed without destroying your property and involves either pulling or blowing (using pressurized air) an epoxy-soaked felt liner into place. Once the liner has cured it creates the new inner pipe.

Pipe Lining in Long Beach: Next Steps

Don’t believe any plumbing contractor who tells you it’s necessary to destroy your property in order to fix your bad drainage pipes. That’s the old-school way of doing things. Today, there’s an easier way to fix damaged pipes. It’s called pipe lining. It’s not only less expensive than conventional repair techniques but faster as well. Repairs that used to take days now take only hours. You won’t need to worry about finding a place to stay while your pipes are being fixed. Pipe lining doesn’t require us to dig up your floors or tear down your walls. You can stay in your home while the work is going on. Contact Sewer Pros today to see how pipe lining is the 21st-century solution to bad pipes!

Pipe bursting

Sometimes the best way to fix a bad drainage pipe is via a method called ‘pipe bursting’. With pipe bursting a new pipe is pulled into the damaged pipe, breaking it in the process. It’s a minimally invasive solution and involves digging just two pits that can be easily covered over again after the process is complete.

Sewer spray lining with the Repipe system

Structural pipe lining doesn’t work when you have very small pipes. Instead of creating a pipe-within-a-pipe we use the Repipe spray lining system. This involves spraying a resin over the inside of a damaged pipe that has been cleaned and prepped. The resin is allowed to cure for a few hours and the repair is complete.

Structural pipe lining

It’s no longer necessary to dig up floors or tear down walls in order to fix damaged drainage pipes. There’s a trenchless technique first developed in Europe called pipe lining that uses a special epoxy to create a new pipe within the damaged pipe. It saves you 30-40% over old-school methods and can be completed in hours rather than days. Contact us today to find out how structural pipe lining is the stress-free solution to fixing your damaged pipes.

Sewer replacement

Of course, there will be situations where pipe lining is not the appropriate solution. Sometimes it’s actually more cost-effective to dig up the damaged pipe and replace it with a new one. We are a licensed plumbing contractor and perform all types of jobs.