Los Angeles Sewer Repair and Replacement Contractor

Sewer Pros. is a pipe lining and sewer repair and replacement contractor serving Los Angeles, California. When your cast-iron, clay, and PVC pipes get to a certain age they will start to deteriorate. They will eventually develop leaks and blockages that can be both destructive and expensive to fix. A trenchless technology solution called pipe lining is a less-invasive alternative to conventional pipe replacement. Pipe lining allows you to fix your pipes without digging up floors and tearing down walls. Contact us today to see how pipe lining can save you 30-40%!

Los Angeles Sewer Pipe Repair Pros

Founded in 2006, Sewer Pros is a pipe lining and sewer repair and replacement contractor serving Los Angeles, California. We are a licensed and insured plumbing contractor in California doing pipe bursting, sewer replacement, sewer spray lining with the Repipe system, and structural pipe lining. Pipe lining is a relatively new technology from Europe that allows you to fix your pipes without destroying your property in the process.  Our technicians are all certified pipe lining installers and they receive regular training on safety, best practices, and new technology. We welcome the opportunity to show you the benefits of pipe lining on your next repair project in Los Angeles.

Your Options for Sewer Repair in Los Angeles

Many conventional plumbing contractors in Los Angeles, California will tell you that it is necessary to dig up your floors and tear down your walls in order to replace your pipes, however, this is not always the case anymore. That is the old-school way of doing things. Thanks to pipe lining you can now repair your pipes without destroying your property at the same time. And you can do it for a fraction of the price in a fraction of the time. Repairs that used to take weeks now take only days thanks to pipe lining. Also, don’t worry about finding a place to stay while your pipes are being fixed. With pipe lining, most of the work is performed from outside so you never have to leave your home. Contact Sewer Pros today to see how we can make fixing your pipes a stress-free experience!

Pipe bursting in Los Angeles

Pipe bursting is a cost-effective, minimally-invasive trenchless technique for fixing damaged house-to-city lateral piping. It involves pulling a new pipe into the existing damaged pipe. We only dig two pits which can be easily filled again after we are through rehabilitating your pipe.

Sewer spray lining with the Repipe system

Structural pipe lining isn’t feasible with very small pipes. In these cases, we use the Repipe spray lining system which involves spraying a special polymer resin onto a cleaned and prepped pipe. The resin is then left to cure for a few hours and the repair is complete.

Structural pipe lining Los Angeles

Structural pipe lining (Also known as CIPP – cured-in-place-pipe) is a trenchless technique for rehabilitating damaged sewer or storm drainage pipes without digging up floors or tearing down walls. It involves using a special two-part epoxy to create a pipe-within-a-pipe.  It saves you 30-40% and can be done in a fraction of the time necessary for a conventional repair.

Sewer replacement in Los Angeles

In some cases, pipe lining is not a cost-effective solution. Sometimes digging up the pipe and putting down a new one is the better option, especially if you are only digging up grass in your yard. Sewer Pros is a licensed plumbing contractor, so we welcome all types of jobs.