Santa Ana Sewer Repair and Replacement Contractor

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and that includes your cast-iron, clay, and PVC pipes. As they get older, problems like leaks and blockages will begin to develop. These can be expensive to repair using conventional methods that require digging up floors and tearing down walls. The good news is there’s a solution that’s not only less-invasive but saves you 30-40% as well. It’s called pipe lining and we specialize in it. We’re Sewer Pros, a sewer repair and replacement contractor serving Santa Ana, California. Contact us today!

Sewer Pros – Your Santa Ana Sewer Repair Specialists

Sewer Pros. has been working as a sewer repair and replacement contractor in Santa Ana, California since 2006. We do structural pipe lining, pipe bursting, sewer replacement, and Repipe spray lining. We’re licensed, insured and specialize in minimally invasive, cost-effective sewer repair techniques.

Sewer Repair Options in Santa Ana California

Cured-In-Place-Pipe Lining

Cured-in-Place-Pipe Lining (also called structural pipe lining) is a trenchless technique for fixing damaged drainage pipes that was first developed in Europe.  It involves using a special epoxy to create a new pipe with your damaged pipe. It’s fast, minimally invasive, and saves you 30-40% compared to conventual pipe repairs.

The process involves taking an epoxy-saturated felt tube and inserting it into the damaged pipe. The tube is then left to cure for a few hours and removed. Your new pipe is now ready and has a life-use expectancy of 50 years. That’s nearly double the life-use expectancy of cast-iron pipes in Santa Ana. It also comes with a 5-year warranty for parts and labor.

Pipe bursting in Santa Ana

Lateral piping takes your home’s dirty water and carries it out to the sewer line in the street. Like all piping, laterals can spring leaks and develop blockages. Fortunately, there’s a minimally-invasive method of fixing laterals called ‘pipe bursting’. This involves pulling a new pipe ‘into’ the old, damaged pipe in order to replace it.

Sewer replacement in Santa Ana

Pipe lining is a great, minimally-invasive option for fixing damaged pipes. However, it isn’t always the most cost-effective solution. Sometimes it’s better to do things the conventional way, especially if it involves just digging up a small patch of grass in your yard. Sewer Pros. is a licensed plumbing contractor that performs all types of jobs.

Sewer spray lining with the Repipe system in Santa Ana

Structural pipe lining only works on pipes between <insert size range>. When pipes are smaller than this we use the Repipe spray lining system. This involves cleaning, prepping, and then spraying the inside of the damaged pipe with a special polymer resin. After it cures for a few hours your old pipe is as good .as new.

Getting Started with Sewer Repair in Santa Ana

Don’t believe any plumbing contractor who tells you the only way to fix your damaged drainage pipes is to dig up floors and tear down walls. Yes, these types of invasive techniques are still used. However, they aren’t nearly as common as they once were thanks to the introduction of pipe lining, a minimally-invasive technique for fixing damaged pipes that was first used in Europe. Repairs that used to take days now take only hours thanks to pipe lining. Stay in your home while we’re working and save 30-40%. Pipe lining could be the solution to your pipe problems!