What is UV-Cured CIPP Lining?

UV Cured In Place Pipe Lining (CIPP) is trenchless pipe lining that utilizes UV light technology to cure liners faster than conventional ambient curing. UV curing results in minimal downtime to commercial, industrial and municipal facilities – making it a top choice for our customers. Sewer Pros has the ability to rehabilitate 6″ to 24″ pipe with this technology from iMPREG.

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UV CIPP lining allows for 3 pipes per day to be rehabilitated


  • Save 30-40%

  • No Digging

  • 10 Year Warranty

  • Environmentally Friendly Process

  • Fast Repairs – 3 Pipes Per Day

  • 50+ Year Life-Use

  • Pipes Back in Service Same-Day

  • 6″ to 24″ Pipe


Step 1: Liner Manufactured & Shipped

The iMPREGLiner is manufactured at the factory packaged in a special, outer protective foil. On the inside of the liner, there is another foil that aids in installation and is removed after curing. Due to the long storage stability of the iMPREGLiner (six months from production), there is sufficient time for installation after transport. The liner is delivered in a stable wooden box, ready to be installed.

UV Liner arrives in crate

Step 2: Cleaning

Following the inspection, the pipes surface must be prepared by thorough cleaning just like any other process involving the use of epoxy or polymer resins. We often use a combination of techniques to remove scale, buildup, and restore the pipe as close to its original diameter as possible. These cleaning techniques consist of hydro-jetting or a dry-mechanical method that involves spinning chains to remove calcified deposits, scale and rust.

after sewer jetting los angeles

Step 3: Liner Installation

Before the liner is installed, a glide foil is inserted into the base of the pipe. This reduces the friction and prevents damage when the liner is pulled into place. The liner is then pulled into place in the pipe with a winch system.

UV liner pulled in place

Step 4: UV Curing

Once the liner has been positioned and inflated with compressed air, the UV light system is inserted into the liner and the liner ends are sealed with packers.

In the liner, the working pressure is increased to 500 mbar and the UV light system is pulled to the other end of the liner. During this process, the camera at the light source is used to verify the setup. The UV lights are then turned on and the light source is retracted back through the liner at the proper curing speed as per iMPREG’s installation manual.

UV Curing Monitored

UV-Cured Sewer Lining LA & Orange County California

Sewer Pros serves LA County and Orange County California with UV Cured CIPP services. We are heavily invested and experienced in the latest trenchless technology to ensure your project is a success. Contact us today for a free estimate.

  • LA City Approved Sewer Contractor – Lic. 889571 C-42, C-36
  • Permaliner Certified Installer
  • Dancutter Robotic Cutter Certified Operator
  • Repipe Lining System Certified Operator
  • OSHA Trained and Certified Employees
  • Worker’s Comp and Liability Insurance
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UV cure sewer lining


We guarantee all of our trenchless UV sewer lining workmanship for 10 years. The manufacturer also provides a 50 life-use on the materials. We welcome the opportunity to show you the benefits of  UV-cured pipe lining. Contact us today to get started.