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We’re available 24/7/365 to help you with your plumbing problems – everything from a simple clogged toilet to full sewer replacement with only minimal digging.

Day or night, rain or shine, when you need a plumber in Santa Monica, just give us a holler and we’ll be on our way!

We can fix…

  • Clogged or leaky toilets
  • Leaking faucets
  • Shower and bathtub problems
  • Problems with water pressure
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Broken or cracked pipes
  • Flooded basements
  • Problems with tree roots inside pipes
  • Gas leaks
  • Water heaters
  • And much more

About Sewer Pros…

  • We offer a 10-year-guarantee on pipe lining, spray lining, and pipe bursting – There’s no catch. We simply believe in doing quality work. If one of these repairs fails within 10 years we’ll come back out and fix it again – at no cost to you.
  • In business since 2006 – We opened up shop 13 years ago as a conventional plumbing contractor. Not long after we discovered trenchless sewer repair and knew this minimally-invasive method of repairing damaged sewers was the future.
  • 24/7/365 – Don’t worry about picking up the phone to call us in the middle of the night. We can handle any emergency plumbing situation you can come up with!
  • Licensed and insured – We have both a C-36 and a C-42 license. The C-42 license means that the City of Los Angeles authorizes us to perform underground sewer repairs.
  • We’re certified trenchless specialists – That means we can repair your damaged sewer pipes with minimal or no digging. That means no costly cleanup or the hassle of putting everything back together again after we leave.

What Is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Trenchless sewer repair is a technique first developed in Europe that allows contractors to repair damaged sewer pipes with minimal or no digging. That means no property destruction or clean up costs. You see…

Conventional sewer repair methods involve extensive digging, rerouting traffic, property damage and forking out sometimes thousands of dollars to clean up the mess and put everything back together again.

Types Of Trenchless Sewer Repair

  • Structural pipe lining – You’ll also see this referred to as trenchless pipe lining, cured-in-place-pipe lining, CIPP, or just plain pipe lining.This trenchless repair method involves creating a brand new pipe within your old one.

    After your damaged pipe has been cleaned and prepped, an epoxy-soaked liner is inserted into it. Inside this liner is a balloon and after the liner is in place, the balloon is inflated so that the liner with the epoxy pushes up against the inside of the pipe. It’s then left to cure for a few hours. When the balloon is deflated and removed your pipe is as good as new.

  • Pipe bursting – Sometimes a damaged pipe lacks the structural integrity for pipe lining. For example, it may be partially collapsed. When this happens the pipe is replaced instead of repaired.This minimally-invasive trenchless technique involves digging two 4ft x 4ft access pits, one at each end of the pipe section being replaced. One of these pits is the pulling pit and the other is the insertion pit.

    A steel cable is fed into the pulling pit so that it pops out the insertion pit. The new HDPE replacement pipe is then attached to it along with a bursting head that will break up the damaged pipe as it’s pulled back toward the pulling pit using a winch. As this happens the replacement pipe takes its place.

    The only clean up involved is filling in the two access pits.

  • Spray lining or brush coating – Small cracks or holes in a sewer pipe can be easily repaired using a trenchless technique called spray lining. This is something like a structural pipe lining but without the epoxy-soaked liner. Instead, a spray nozzle is inserted into the pipe and then pushed back to the end of the pipe section being repaired. As it’s pulled back through the pipe it sprays the inside of it with a special polymer resin. If necessary, the process is then repeated. After the resin has cured for a few hours your pipe is ready for use.

Why choose Sewer Pros?

  • We’re trenchless specialists. Minimal or no digging!
  • We’ve been in business since 2006.
  • We won’t dig up your floors or tear down your walls.
  • We won’t leave you with a big mess to clean up.
  • We’re a City of Los Angeles-approved contractor.
  • We guarantee our pipe lining, spray lining, and pipe bursting for 10 years.
  • We can fix your pipes in just hours rather than days.
  • We have a 5-star Google rating.

Our customers love us!

‘’I contacted Sewer Pros and they arrived at my home today at the time they specified. I spoke to Armando and explained to him my plumbing issues. He used his camera snake to show me exactly what was causing the blockage in my line leading out to the main. He was able to hydro jet my sewer line and remove many of the weeds and debris which had accumulated over time causing me my headaches. We also discussed preventative measures for the near future which include sleeving the pipe which will definitely save me money in the long run, unlike my neighbor who recently paid almost 18k to have another company come out and drill into the public street to fix his line. Sewer Pros is truly a professional and knowledgeable company that aims to resolve the customer’s problem for the near term AND long term. Thxs guys…’’ – Michael Gomez

Need a plumber in Santa Monica? Contact Sewer Pros!

We are a licensed and insured plumber in Santa Monica that does sewer both repair and replacement. We’re also trenchless specialists and that means that we can fix your damaged sewer in no time flat and with minimal or no digging. Call us today at (800) 481-3707 and find out how we can save you both time and money.