We know why you’re here…

You have a problem with your sewer pipes and you’re looking for a sewer repair and replacement contractor in Los Angeles or Orange County. Well, there are certainly a lot of companies out there to choose from.

However, you need one you can trust to get the job done properly, quickly, and at an affordable price.

That’s why you should choose Sewer Pros.


If you choose us…

You’d be hiring a company with a solid track record.

We’ve been in business for 13 years.

In 2006, we started off as A & J Plumbing, a conventional plumbing contractor. However, a year later we discovered an innovative European technology that changed everything.

That’s when Sewer Pros was born.

This European technology is a minimally-invasive way to fix sewer pipes without digging up yards or tearing down walls. It’s called structural pipe lining or cured-in-place-pipe lining (CIPP for short).

We knew right away that this new trenchless technique was a game changer. So, we got trained, certified and then bought the equipment we needed. Twelve years later we’re still going strong and introducing new minimally-invasive, trenchless technologies all the time.


We won’t dig up your yard or knock down your walls.

That’s because we’re trenchless specialists!

You see, conventional sewer repair almost always involves digging big trenches though and around your property. Trenchless repairs like structural pipe lining and pipe bursting, on the other hand, usually only involve digging a couple of small access pits.

In some cases, there isn’t any digging at all.


You won’t have a mess to clean up.

Conventional sewer repair almost always involves some kind of property destruction. This is what happens when contractors need to do extensive digging. It’s an expensive mess to clean up and could very well involve the cost of replacing tile floors, walls, driveways, etc.


You’ll have peace of mind because you hired a licensed, certified, and insured contractor.

We have both a C-36 license and a C-42 license. The C-42 license means we have been approved by the City of Los Angeles to perform underground sewer repair work. Our license number is 889571.

Our certifications include…

  • Repipe Lining System Certified Operator
  • Permaliner Certified Installer
  • Dancutter Robotic Cutter Certified Operator
  • OSHA Trained and Certified Employees
  • Worker’s Comp and Liability Insurance


You’ll be able to relax knowing you hired experienced professionals who own their own equipment.

The equipment necessary for trenchless sewer repair is extremely expensive to buy and fairly easy to rent.

Inexperienced contractors can easily set up shop as trenchless repair “experts” simply by renting the necessary equipment. These are the contractors you want to avoid.

We made an investment in the necessary equipment and training because we’re professionals who are in this for the long haul.

We own…

A continuous inversion pipe lining system that enables us to line sections of pipe that are up to 600 feet long.

The Dancutter robotic sewer cutters used to ‘reinstate’(i.e. reopen) the branch lines after they’ve been lined.

The Dancutter Repipe Spray Lining system used to rehabilitate damaged drainage pipes by spraying the interior with a flexible polymer resin.

We have repaired a lot of pipe over the past 13 years with this high-tech equipment. One million linear feet (that’s about 190 miles!) in Southern California.


You’ll have a 10-year guarantee on the work performed.

If our repair fails within 10 years we’ll come back out and fix it for free.

However, the repair will almost certainly last a lot longer than that. In fact, the materials used in structural pipe lining can last anywhere from 50 to 100 years.


You will save 30-40%. Really!

Minimally-invasive trenchless sewer repair methods can save you up to 30-40% off the cost of invasive old-school techniques.


You can stay in your home while the repairs are taking place.

And we probably won’t even need to turn off your water. If we do, it won’t be for very long.

Trenchless sewer repair doesn’t inconvenience our customers. This is one of the reasons we became specialists in it!


You won’t need to wait days or weeks to get your pipes fixed.

Trenchless sewer repair techniques are lightning fast compared to old-school methods. What used to take days (or even weeks!) can now usually be accomplished in just a few hours.

Even if it takes a bit longer, it still won’t take as long as conventional techniques.


You’d be hiring a contractor with a solid 5.0 review rating on Google

Here’s just one of them…

‘’I had plumbing issues at my house. Called a well known plumbing company and had them attempted to fix the collapsed main line. Had nothing but problems with them. Constantly telling me that there were more issues and the cost would increase. Never felt confident with this well known company and had them stop. I called Sewer Pros. They gave me a quote and how long it would take to fix the main line. Always giving me an update on the progress. Sewer Pros did a clean job and I highly recommend them. It was a relief to find this company.’’ – Dan Caracoza


You can read all the signed Google reviews here. We’re proud of them!

We’re Sewer Pros, a licensed, certified, and insured sewer repair and replacement contractor serving both Los Angeles and Orange counties. Contact us today at (310) 208-0525 and find out how we can save you both time and money!